Additional Leadership at National Geographic

National Geographic Society Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees maintains management and financial oversight of all programs and activities of the National Geographic Society.

John M. Fahey, Jr., Chairman

Terrence B. Adamson, Secretary

Dawn Arnall
Aspen, CO

Dr. Wanda Austin
El Segundo, CA

Michael R. Bonsignore
Seattle, WA

Jean Case
McLean, VA

Alexandra Grosvenor Eller, MD
Salt Lake City, UT

Roger A. Enrico
Clyde Park, MT

Gilbert M. Grosvenor
Hume, VA

Dr. William Harvey
Hampton, VA

Gary E. Knell
Washington, DC

Maria Elena Lagomasino
New York, NY

Nigel Morris
Alexandria, VA

George Muñoz
McLean, VA

Reg Murphy
St. Simons Island, GA

Patrick F. Noonan
Chevy Chase, MD

Dr. Peter H. Raven
St. Louis, MO

Edward P. Roski, Jr.
North Hollywood, CA

B. Francis Saul II
Chevy Chase, MD

Ted W. Waitt
LaJolla, CA

Tracy R. Wolstencroft
New York, NY

National Geographic International Council of Advisors

The International Council of Advisors is composed of visionary leaders representing professions and industries across the globe. They exemplify the intellectual curiosity and quest for adventure that have driven our mission since 1888 and they help determine where the Society will go next.

Dawn L. Arnall, Chair
Aspen, CO

Darlene T. Anderson
Cincinnati, OH

Michael S. Anderson
Dallas, TX

Sarah Argyropoulos
Carpinteria, CA

Lucy and Henry Billingsley
Dallas, TX

Richard C. Blum
San Francisco, CA

Sheila and Michael Bonsignore
Seattle, WA

Diane and Hal Brierley
Dallas, TX

Pete Briger
Atherton, CA

Pat and Keith Campbell
Baltimore, MD

Kathy Williams and Douglas Carlston
San Rafael, CA

Jean and Steve Case
Washington, DC

Alice and David Court
Toronto, Canada

Barbara and Steve Durham
Dallas, TX

Roger and Rosemary Enrico
Dallas, TX

Juliet C. Folger
Washington, DC

Michael J. Fourticq
Houston, TX

Warren H. Haruki
Honolulu, HI

Astrid and Per Heidenreich
Greenwich, CT

Joan and David Hill
Los Angeles, CA

Lyda Hill
Dallas, TX

David H. Koch
New York, NY

Iara Lee
Islamabad, Pakistan

Deborah M. Lehr
Washington, DC

Sven Lindblad
Lindblad Expeditions
New York, NY

Juli and Tom Lindquist
Mercer Island, WA

Jho Low
Hong Kong

Bruce Ludwig
Colleyville, TX

Claudia Madrazo de Hernández
Mexico City, MX

Anar Mammadov
Azerbaijan-America Alliance
Republic of Azerbaijan

David P. Margulies
Los Angeles, CA

Pamela Mars Wright
Alexandria, VA

Randall Mays
San Antonio, TX

Edith McBean
New York, NY

Craig and Susan McCaw
Montecito, CA

Roger and Ann McNamee
Woodside, CA

Meng Mingfei
Qingdao, PRC

Gregory Moga
Seattle, WA

Mark C. Moore
Boston, MA

Pearl and Seymour Moskowitz
Oakton, VA

Timothy S. Nash
Sandton, South Africa

Caryl D. Philips
Dayton, OH

Craig Piligian
North Hollywood, CA

Gayle and Edward P. Roski
Los Angeles, CA

Jeannie and Tom Rutherfoord
Washington, DC

Victoria Sant
Washington, DC

Hugo Shong
Beijing, PRC

Jill and Richard Sideman
Tiburon, CA

Lekha Singh
Dallas, TX

Jessica and Dr. Richard Sneider
Los Angeles, CA

Thomas Toomey
Highlands Ranch, CO

Donna and Garry Weber
Dallas, TX

Angie and Leo Wells
Norcross, GA

Judith and Steve Wertheimer
Greenwich, CT

Tracy R. Wolstencroft
Greenwich, CT

B.Wu and Eric Larson
Chicago, IL

Clara Wu Tsai
La Jolla, CA

Jeffrey M. Zell
JM Zell Partners, Ltd
Washington, DC