Executive Biographies

Gary E. Knell

Gary Knell_National_Geographic_cr_Mark_Thiessen

President and CEO
National Geographic Society

John Fahey

John Fahey

National Geographic Society

Terrence B. Adamson


Executive Vice President

Keith Bellows


Senior Vice President and Editor-in-Chief, National Geographic Travel Media

Melina Bellows


Publisher, National Geographic
Books and Chief Creative Officer,
Books, Kids, and Family

Lynn Cutter

Lynn Cutter photo

Executive Vice President, Travel

Daniel Edelson


Vice President for Education and
Executive Director, National Geographic Education Foundation

Terry D. Garcia


Executive Vice President,
Mission Programs; President of Licensing

Betty Hudson


Executive Vice President, Communications

Chris Johns


Executive Vice President, Group Editorial Director, and Editor in Chief of National Geographic Magazine

Mark Katz


President of Distribution, National Geographic Cinema Ventures

Claudia Malley

Claudia Malley

Executive Vice President and Worldwide Publisher, National Geographic Global Media

Amy Maniatis

thumb_Amy Maniatis_001

Chief Marketing Officer

Declan Moore


Executive Vice President and
President, National Geographic Publishing and Travel

Brooke Runnette

Brooke Runnette Photo -FINAL

President, National Geographic Television

Thomas A. Sablo


Executive Vice President,
Human Resources

Adam Sutherland

Adam Sutherland, Photo by Rebecca Hale/National Geographic

Senior Vice President, Global Strategy & Business Development

Lisa Truitt


President, National Geographic
Cinema Ventures

Bill Warren

Bill Warren 28254

Senior Vice President, Development

Tracie Winbigler

Thumb Tracie Winbigler CFO

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Scott Wyerman

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Executive Vice President, Standards & Practices

Jonathan Young

Photo credit: Rebecca Hale/National Geographic

Chief Technology Officer